New Patient

Our Goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident you chose the right clinic from the moment you walk through our door. We understand that being in pain or having a concern you cannot explain is very frustrating and answers are hard to find. Rest assured that we will take the time to listen to any concerns you have and address them so the mystery is gone and a plan on how to go forward will be set. Life is a journey, let us help you so you can climb any mountains along the way 

First Visit Walkthrough

As a new patient, our goal is to make is to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and most important confident you have chosen the right people to trust your care too. Each of our services has an intake form to complete, you can find those forms here on our website, we can email them to you, or they can be completed at our office. For your first appointment at our clinic we ask that you arrive about 10 mins before your scheduled time so the reception staff can get your chart started, and gather any insurance information.

If you have extended medical coverage, it is important that you know what your plan details are so you can enter that into our system for you, Insurance companies do not give providers that information. We will ask you for your completed intake form (or give it to you to complete) as well as your BC Care card. At your fist visit, your practitioner will consult with you and go over the reasons for your visit, and do any necessary exams to determine the best treatment for you.

You have a voice to discuss any concerns and have any questions answered before moving forward. You will be given a suggested treatment plan after your appointment, and the reception staff can take care of finding times for future appointment that fit your schedule. Conveniently located downtown on Ellis, parking at our clinic is generally the metered spots right in front of our office on Ellis or the museum parking lot across the street.

The Core Centre of Health sign is right on the front glass of our building and fairly visible when driving by, we are right next to Dawett (Indian restaurant). We value your time, and do our very best to stay on schedule with appointments. We hope that you are able to attend your reserved time, and if you are unable we do ask that you provide us with a min of 24hours notice to change or cancel any booked appointments

Direct Billing Services:

Our office is happy to bill directly to your extended health insurance for you! There are a few parameters that are important to understand with this process.

We can direct bill only if your insurance companies allows an “assignment of benefit” – this means the insurance company lets you assign your benefit to the office, they pay us directly.
We do rely on you to provide our staff with your insurance plan details, such as:
Policy numbers
Details of your plan (max coverage, deductible, percent covered, if referral required)
For most companies we bill electronically, there are a few that require paper submissions which will require some paperwork and signatures
We rely on you to inform our staff of any changes to your plan
Insurance companies do not pay for missed appointment fees
If for any reason your insurance company does not pay for treatment, it is ultimately your responsibility to cover any visit fees
Please understand that you are the plan member, most companies will not provide information regarding any plan details, for privacy reasons, to our staff.
Your insurance company may be listed here, but your specific plan may not be eligible for direct billing


Initial exam & Treatment $85
Subsequent Treatment $50

30 minutes $60
45 minutes $85
60 minutes $105
75 minutes $130
90 minutes $150
Registered Manual Lymphatic Drainage: priced as above

Initial/subsequent visit $115
Acupuncture return $85
Herbal consult initial $85
Herbal return $55
Cupping initial $85
Cupping return $55

Gait scan computer analysis and exam $50
(fee waived when order placed)
Orthotic insert/footwear
*price varies depending on need/style*

Initial Visit $169 90 Minute duration.
Physical Exam $ 130 60 minute duration
Return Visits $ 80 30 minute duration
Intravenous Vitamin Therapies $ 70 – 130 30-60 minute duration
B Vitamin injections/vis $30- 60 15 minute duration

Office Visit $175
Video Conference $160

60 minute session $126

60 minute session $75

Visit Packages (2-12 sessions) $149- $699
Follow-up visit (45 mins) $60
Custom meal plan & Recipe $100
Grocery Store tours (60 min) $70
Coaching – inquire for pricing