Youth Counselling

Has the power of anger, anxiety or pain become too familiar in your home? All of us need to feel safe to explore, move forward, and grow. The good news? There is real hope you and your family can find a new and healthy way to live. A uniquely skilled and trusted guide sharing perspectives and strategies can make a massive difference. My practice creates a sacred space in which to embark on a new journey; I draw on wisdom gained in working with at-risk youth and adults for 15 years, and share this with you.

The most important factor determining success in therapy is the degree of connection and teamwork between us. To support this connection, emotional safety must be present in every moment. This means your voice is powerful and important, and must be fully heard and understood before you can move purposefully forward. I also measure your progress – a technique proven by research to more than double the effectiveness of therapy you receive.

With these keys in place, we will embark on a journey where you will achieve clarity – both in who you are and what you wish to create in your life. I look forward to greeting you warmly, and starting this voyage toward your healthy, joyful life. – Andrew Portwood, MC, Canadian Certified Counsellor

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