Andrew Portwood BA/BEd,MC,CCC

Andrew Portwood BA/BEd,MC,CCC


The essence of Andrew’s practice is helping others to be clear; both about who they are as individuals, and in what they wish to create in their world. Without clarity, we often send mixed messages to others and even ourselves, preventing us from getting our needs fully met in a healthy way.  Andrew specializes in working with youth and young adults, parents dealing with challenges presented by their children, and with men’s issues, especially those in the context of marriage and other relationships.

Andrew has been a teacher and guidance counsellor over the past 20 years, and a Canadian Certified Counsellor since 2010, and join The Core Team in 2012.  His journey included five years leading a specialized behavior modification classroom in Calgary, where he conducted a holistic, therapeutic educational program for youth facing critical life and family challenges. It was here that he learned the importance of two factors essential to the therapeutic process: safety and respect. He practices the belief that one must feel safe, both physically and emotionally, as well as respected through having equal value as a person, before any meaningful dialogue can take place.

Andrew works largely from a “Solution-Focused” perspective, meaning that while our past is full of valuable experiences and lessons, none of us are ever limited by what has gone before. We are shaped by our experiences, but defined by our choices. Taking ownership of our choices now and into the future can free us to create a fresh and beautiful reality.

After living in Calgary for more than a decade, he and his family (wife Jacquie and their twins) chose to reinvent their lives by moving to the Okanagan and starting fresh, realizing that a less-intense life was just what they all needed. They love to spend time on the water together, trying plenty of new activities, and being active, giving members of their community.

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