Charmeyn Martell

Charmeyn Martell

Life Coach/Counselor

Many who come to a life coach want to live a richer, fuller life and have reached a critical decision point looking to define their way forward.

I will help you to recognize and fulfill your highest, truest expression of yourself.

I am here to listen and ask you powerful questions inspiring insight, creativity and transition. With a combination of coaching and counseling, I will encourage you to explore where you are now, what’s holding you back and how to integrate long-lasting and positive changes into your life. When you take those first steps forward, working towards reclaiming your personal power and authenticity that reflects your values and needs, the potential for change is enormous.

Drawing on my extensive background in supporting people from a solution-focused perspective, I will facilitate your journey of self-exploration to learn your soul’s true yearnings.  Utilizing intuitive and empathic abilities, my approach is based on an engaging and empowering relationship with you, creating an emotionally safe environment in which to grow and flourish into who you were created to be.  My standard of personal excellence is exemplified throughout my work as I commit to the highest standards of ethical practice and a deep caring for you, the courageous client who chooses to receive my support.
I graduated from Rhodes Wellness College Vancouver, B.C. with a Life Skills Coaching and Counseling Diploma. I’ve studied life coaching and counseling, personal growth, spirituality, and the human condition for over 25 years. Through facing my own challenges, personal growth and therapy I have gained vast knowledge and wisdom of how to work through and grow from a variety of issues and challenges encountered by many.

I believe each of us needs to discover our own creative solutions to the challenges we face in our lives. But there are times when we’re unable to identify these solutions because our vision is sometimes narrowed, or even blocked, by the issues we struggle with on a daily basis. When clients are unsure about what actions to take, I don’t believe it’s my role to tell them what to do. Rather, I believe the healthier option is for us to work together to identify potential solutions. Ultimately, each person needs to make the best decisions for themselves, and ideally ones that are informed by a growing relationship developed with one’s own inner voice.
Spending most of my life in Vancouver, I moved to Kelowna in 2000 and have never looked back!

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