Born in Edmonton, Cheryl joined The Core in 2014 after completing her Medical Office Assistant and Administrative Assistant diplomas from Sprott Shaw College in Kelowna. She takes an incredible amount of pride in working with Dr. Taters team, especially Hank.

Cheryl will capture your attention with her infectious bright smile and warm personality the moment you walk into The Core. You may also notice her off-key singing of people’s names, we’re trying to get her into singing lessons…

In her spare time, Cheryl has a minor Netflix addiction, and is always on the lookout to add to her book, plant, and scented candle collection, she also enjoys taking daughter Caydence on weekend road trips and adventures. You may also notice that she tends to be always cold and wrapped up in an extra sweater, scarf or blanket. If it were up to her, winter would be cancelled.

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