Dawn Maxner, RMT

Dawn Maxner, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Dawn brings years of experience and knowledge of the human body through her fitness career and massage practice. She believes that a healthy and active lifestyle is the key to a more productive mind and body. She strives to help educate others on how to achieve optimum health through regular exercise, stress management with meditation and injury prevention through yoga and massage therapy.
Dawn uses different modalities which fall under her scope of practice to help with her client’s injury prevention and/or recovery using deep tissue techniques, cupping, fascia release, trigger point therapy and Thai Yoga techniques. She has acquired significant training through courses, workshops and most importantly hands on experience working with professional athletes in all different types of sports and activities.
She also has experience working in a spa, and understands the need to have a more of a relaxation type of massage using essential oils and/or hot stone therapy. Dawn has also obtained training in prenatal massages.
With her diverse training and experience, she can accommodate and create personalized treatment plans to help clients obtain their treatment goals.

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