Hank is an integral part of the Team/Family here at The Core!  He joined us at the age of 4 in 2013, and was a natural ‘mascot’ for the Clinic right from the start!  His responsibilities are heavy throughout his workday; he likes to try and greet each client with a wiggle and the offer to let you scratch his backend!!! No, never the front……..always the bum xoxo.  His work is exhausting, so he does often need a break……. you may only know he working by a paw sticking out from under the reception desk.  When Hank is not greeting clients or under the desk, you are certain find him right in the path you need to walk down the hall, please don’t trip over him, but if you do……. we can fix you!  Seriously though……please don’t trip!

Hank has the calmest demeanour and a love for everyone, he does have a special love for the little humans.  He is great with children of all ages and is a friend to all other furry family members.  He wants to make everyone feel welcome and enjoy their time with us, but if you don’t feel comfortable with him, he does not take it personally and is happy to give some space…. He will take 5 in his bed under the desk or in Dr. Tater’s office, he likes to help out in there sometimes!

Hank has become accustom to his popularity and is generally quite willing to have his photo taken, and though many people like to show their love to him by bringing in treats……. The staff beg of you ………. His stomach is sensitive and the toots that come after are sure to clear out the clinic….so he is just happy with a good butt scratch!

In Hanks spare time he is a bit friskier than at work, he like to have his ball thrown in the yard, and play around in the house. His hips and knees are bad so unfortunately no long walks for him anymore, but he loves being off leash and going down a path! He is so easy going, he is happy just hanging around being close to his Family.   I hope you get some ‘therapy’ time with Hank at your next visit to The Core, you don’t even need an appointment to have a visit with him, just pop in anytime!