What is the Cox Technique?

Dr. Troy is fully certified in the Cox Technique. This is an effective and non-surgical alternative treatment for lower back, neck, and leg pain. This method uses spinal decompression to relieve pain and get you back to doing what you love. 

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Chiropractic in a nutshell is all about motion…

When a doctor of chiropractic examines you, motion is one of the key factors.

24 bones in your spine act as the support structure for the bones, muscles and organs, and armor for the nerves that wind endlessly throughout your body.

This is where we check for motion or lack of, which would indicate a problem that needs attention. Imagine your body is a skyscraper with your feet and pelvis being the foundation and your head and neck being the top floors; when there are segments that are not moving or moving incorrectly it creates cracks in the walls and floors as the building spreads these compensation forces out over the entire structure. 

This is exactly what your body does, if there is a problem in one area, it quickly casts the injured one and the other joints around this area take over the job and“compensate ” for the imbalance.. This has global effects on the structure, tissues, and posture.  

Chiropractic addresses the structure (concrete and steel) and how they affect the critical functions of the building, (ie nerves, organs, tissues, posture)

Our bodies are miraculous, we have the ability to heal cuts, bruises , and breaks.

We have the ability to create a myriad of different chemicals within our bodies. We have the ability to numb the pain in an area and cause muscle spasms when injury occurs to protect itself from further injury.

Over the years of our life we are subjected to numerous traumas, falls, sports, etc. and our bodies take the brunt of these forces and it is these forces that interrupt the signals that your body needs to communicate with your brain to allow proper function and health.

Chiropractic addresses these interruptions and restores the communication between the brain and every single cell of your body to allow it to do what it does best.

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